What is the Good Neighbors Project of Western Massachusetts?

The Good Neighbors Project of Western Massachusetts is a group of volunteers who aim to facilitate a dialogue for the purpose of creating welcoming neighborhoods for all people.

Through door-to-door canvassing and local businesses, we distribute yard signs that say, in Spanish, English, and Arabic, "No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbor".   Our goal is to start conversations with our neighbors about how to strengthen our communities and best support populations who feel threatened. 

Where Can I get A Sign if i don't Live in Western Masschusetts or can't get to the stores?

Everyone is encouraged to download and print their own sign at this link.

Is The Good Neighbors Project of Western Massachusetts Affiliated with Any Political Organization?

The Good Neighbors Project of Western Massachusetts is non-partisan and not affiliated with any political organization.  Our aim is to encourage dialogue about how we can create a safer and more welcoming community for our neighbors who are immigrants and refugees.  To that end, we may refer our neighbors to organizations who are leading initiatives to support vulnerable populations.

Some valuable local organizations are:

Pioneer Valley Workers Center

Safe Communities Act

Updates on Sanctuary Cities in Massachusetts

Donations go toward the printing of the signs, hosting our website, accounting, and providing free signs for anyone who would like to spread the message but is unable to pay.  The organization is entirely volunteer-run.  

Where does my donation money go?

The stores that distribute the signs are valuable partners in the Good Neighbors Project, and we appreciate your efforts to get the good message we feel the signs convey out to the streets.  We would be delighted to have your Western Massachusetts storefront as a distribution point for our lawn signs- thank you!  Please get in contact with us at this link.

How can I distribute lawn signs from my business?